Dream Big Live Large Show Welcomes Marva Brown-Thomas
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About Marva:

Public Speaker, Author, President of Black Employee Network, and creator of Black Link Magazine, Marva considers herself to be a creative. Because of her love for writing, people and speaking, she was destined to do what she loves doing and that is helping others to be their best. She does this in multiple fashions: she conducts a YouTube channel and allows individuals to share their success stories (from the bottom to the top), she is the creator of “Rise Queen” Women Empowerment, and she manages and runs her own magazine created to build up the black culture, she sits on the board of directors for a black built non-profit (Community Caring Corporation) where they focus on the underserved, and finally, she loves networking and collaboration.
Black Link Magazine offers an advertising platform, features, and mentions along with advertising slots on their website. The magazine is available across the globe digitally and physically. Black Link Magazine is insistent on ensuring that we speak to the stero-types that people place on us; “angry black women”, “gangsta thug black men”. We are human and we matter. We are brilliant and educated and we have success stories that, for some, no one would have ever known of, unless they shared through interviewing or advertising with Black Link Magazine.
Marva has interviewed the everyday individual to the celebrity status individuals such as Carrie Bernans who was a cast member on the high profiled moving Black Panther, LA/NY Fashion Stylist and niece of the late Billie Holiday, Andrea Ward, Growing Up Hip Hop cast member and brother to Swizz Beatz, Andre King and Ready to Love reality cast member Anthony Stubbs. As you can see Black Link Magazine is well on its way. We are the “right magazine at the right time”. We take care of our people by doing what is right even when no one is watching.