Our Interview with Chrisette Michele @ChrisetteM
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We sat down with Chrisette Michele and talked about her new ventures which you can learn more about below:


New Music: “Wait” – A song about the peace found in the process of waiting, available on www.ChrisetteMichelesWorld.com and wherever music is sold.

Clothing Collection / Collab: A denim collaboration released and sold out in just a few days. Her Birthday Collection Drops December 1st! Providing curvy fits for ladies of all sizes! Fans of the peace driven Chrisette Michele, can snag cozy, colorful, curvy girl friendly items to celebrate her birthday and the holiday season! Each piece is hand chosen by the lovely ladies of “Shop Pretty Pieces” and Chrisette Michele. For more, please visit: www.ShopPrettyPieces.com.

“The Sistership”: During quarantine, Chrisette created IGTV live sessions sharing what she now calls “Sister-Chats”. The popularity of her Inner Peace talks prompted her to create an online private membership community for women to gather weekly and study the biblical foundations of inner peace, self-love, women’s empowerment and wellness. You can get on the mailing list and receive free weekly “Shipmate Goodies” or join the community at www.TheSistership.Org.

The Inner Peace Academy has launched its 1st round of inner wellness coaching. Chrisette Michele has become a certified yoga instructor and John Maxwell Life Coach. The publicity of her journey to peace, has led her to share with others how they can achieve this level as well. Visit: www.InnerPeace.Academy for more!

Rich Hipster University is celebrating its 6th year anniversary! Here, Chrisette Michele continues to mentor up and coming vocalists in all genres. Her latest packages are digitally based, just for the demands of these quarantined times. Visit www.RichHipsterUniversity.com to learn more.




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