Ep. 4 – Dream Big Live Large Show – Brian Lesane
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About our guest:

I was born and raised in South Carolina, Hemingway to be exact, I’ve always been artistic. Some of my early hobbies consisted of drawing portraits of family photos around the house and recreating the cartoons seen in the comic strips of the local newspaper. Another hobby of mine was music. Inspiration from an older cousin led me to a program called Fruity Loops better known as FL Studio today. The rest is history. Once word got out that I was recording and making beats in my mother’s house, just about every up and coming rapper and singer in the city wanted to come record.

Coincidentally, my success in music led to me creating my own custom printing apparel company, Unchecked Apparel LLC. After mastering beat making and music production, my passion for graphic design became my focus. I purchased Adobe Photoshop and within a month’s time, I mastered the basics of it. I started designing mixtape covers, logos for myself and other businesses. A friend of mine noticed my skills and asked if I could make a design for his son’s birthday and his family’s reunion. I found a couple of birthday and family reunion t-shirts on Google just to see how they were designed and in a matter of days, I had the designs for both events ready to go. Six months later, I already designed custom t-shirts for over 8 birthdays, 2 family reunions, a couple of road signs for local businesses and more. That was the birth of Unchecked Apparel LLC.